Anything on a stick

My annual visit to the Minnesota State Fair took place yesterday and as usual it was a delight. My Flickr State Fair set has twenty-two photos from the awesome time I had at the fair, but I thought I might share some highlights here.

The seed art, aka art made from seeds, actual seeds, was a treat as usual, and this “VOTE NO” art made me laugh out loud:

Seed art - VOTE NO

Before heading to the fair, we looked up where to get cheap fun snacks, and found s’mores on a stick – 50ยข or three for $1.25.

S'more on a stick

Also, this is the place where you can get anything on a stick:

quilt on a stick

As for this, I think I need to enter this contest next year:






I was really impressed by the knitting this year. I only saw a couple of things that I felt like I could do easily, which is an improvement over last year. Go knitters!

My new favorite State Fair memory is heading to the exit at the end of the day and passing by the French Fries booth, where the employees were all doing some type of flash mob dance to “Jump On It”. I will continue to randomly sing “JUMP ON IT! JUMP ON IT!” whenever the notion occurs to me now.


Dear State Fair, you’re a great experience and one of the many things I love about where I live.

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