What do you want to read when you click on an “About Me” link? The basics, like female; early 20s; from California, USA; living in Minnesota, USA; graduated with a degree in German Studies and no idea what I’m doing in life? Now that those are out of the way, what else do you want to read about me?

When I click on an “About Me”, I want to know really simple basics like: your name. Mine’s Stephanie. How do you do? How old you are, where in the world you live. And then I like to see a few words on what you’re passionate about. The German language has drawn me in more than anything else, and now German culture. There are so many things I find simply better in Germany and Austria than in the United States. I also love paper and all the things it represents: new worlds found in books, communication through letters, created shapes (origami). Blank notebooks signifying possibility: writing a new world of my own making. Recently I’ve even become interested in fashion by way of knitting.

I’m a quiet environmentalist; I get rid of superfluous household products in favor of a few more versatile and less chemical-filled products. I’m working on cutting out HFCS and learning to cook from scratch (although I don’t eat frozen meals as I’ve almost never had a microwave). However, I love painting my nails, no matter the chemicals in the lacquer. I dislike driving and need to live somewhere with good public transportation. That somewhere probably does not exist in the United States.

I love to learn, which helped me get into a highly-rated, very small college, and drives me at all times. Although I enjoy acquiring book knowledge, real-life knowledge is hard for me to put into practice because I expect myself to do perfectly at first. A beginner is something I am reluctant to be. Most of the things I know now I taught myself before I was 10 years old, so I’ve forgotten what it’s like to be a beginner, and now it’s very hard to let go of perfectionism enough to learn something entirely new.

Even though I like new knowledge.

A contradiction in terms?